The UTA bride is primarily about herself: her advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, she is a modern self-seeker, able to cross any obstacles. Often elegant, minimalistic, but always different, unique and confident.

The silhouettes, figure types, rules or outdated norms on what a bride is supposed to look like are not followed in the UTA studio. Traditional forms are reborn here with modern or even architectural contours, while wedding uniforms are transformed into unique sights to behold. Pomp is not welcome here – the highest quality fabrics and textures, unique details, modern silhouettes and UTA brides, who are simply captivating with their individuality, speak for themselves.

UTA was born out of a desire to feel like yourself on your wedding day. After living, studying and looking for inspiration abroad for many years, I could not find a dress that gave a sense to identity in Lithuania. When I started to create it myself, I realized that this is my true vocation – to transform the individuality of a woman into the image of her dreams.

With love,

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