UTA has its own mini-factory, staffed by talented artisans of all ages, who have more than 20 years of experience.
Working with responsibility and care, UTA’s expert seamstresses and pattern makers execute highly sophisticated designs. Every detail is handmade and one-of-a-kind.


UTA founder and designer Aistė Jankienė’s distinctive architectural approach to clothing is reflected in the subtle yet strict lines. A luxurious
minimalism that emphasizes a woman’s beauty, silhouette, and inner strength is maintained. The UTA fashion house has several designers who have brought modernity and expressive modernism to their styles.


We understand that fashion is not the most sustainable sector and we try our best to reduce the amount of wastefulness that can occur. We only produce dresses after a pre-order. We give brides the choice of natural or recycled fabrics, which do not compromise on quality. It is inevitable that scraps of fabric are left over during the production process but we do not throw them away and use them to make small accessories like hair scrunchies, gloves, socks, and ribbons. We encourage our clients to give their dresses a second, third, or fourth chance and organize a Sample Sale x Take My Dress event where they can sell their UTA wedding dresses.


Starting with three small separate spaces, we grew so fast in two years that the title of a fashion house came very naturally to us. Quite unexpectedly, we discovered the Concrete Factory during Open House Vilnius 2022.
Previously this factory helped to grow the neighborhoods of Vilnius, it has now been reborn as a house of art, architecture, and fashion. We were surprised by the modern, rough, and open architecture, and soon realized that the Concrete Factory was a perfect fit for UTA. The open space that connects the whole team – the UTA reception and showroom on the ground floor, the private client space and offices, and the open sewing room on the second floor – was a delight. Here you feel like you’re in New York, Berlin, or Tallinn while visiting the UTA studio.


UTA is about people. Our team believes that inner respect and love of work are reflected. We believe that in order to give our customers the best experience, we must first create a friendly environment within the UTA team.

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